Quality Certification

It is the responsibility of Management and all Lusonave employees to continuously improve, developing a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of Standard NP EN ISO 9001 (certificate nº PT004353-2 pela Bureau Veritas), thus promoting the Improvement of the quality of services rendered and customer satisfaction.


What is Lusonave?

For 26 years in the market Lusonave is formed by a team of technicians from GEP (General Electric Portuguese), ABB (Asea Brown Boveri), ENI (Electricity Naval and Industrial) and Lisnave, SA The long experience gained over time, Allowed to satisfy the needs of the market in the field of maintenance electromechanics and consolidate its position in the sector, demonstrating professional competence and quality in the provision of its services, thus deserving the recognition and trust of a portfolio of clients from various sectors of Industry, Transport and the Naval sector.

What we do for you?

Lusonave focuses its activity on the technical assistance and commercialization of electromechanical equipment with application in the Industry, Transport and Naval Repair. Lusonave provides the service of technical assistance developing the activity of preventive and corrective maintenance of machines and industrial equipment, namely of electric motors, pumps of any type, generators, alternators and electromagnets. The service can be performed in Lusonave's workshops and when possible and necessary in the Client's installation.


The services of Lusonave are performed by competent and dynamic professionals. Choose the service you want and contact us.


Winding, repair and improvement of low and high voltage electric motors. Pumps of all kinds, generators, alternators ...


We commercialize AC and DC electric motors, pumps of any type, generators and alternators.

Outras actividades

Alignment of engines and balancing services of turnery. Manufacture of components for electric machines such as ring collectors ...


Of the thousands of repairs and works already carried out by Lusonave, we can highlight the following:


Assembly of the production line including all 18 power motors between 1.1 KW and 75 KW, at the Oeiras Profiles - Sociedade de Extrusão de Alumínio e Cobre, SA.


Reisolamento of 38 carcasses of traction motors of locomotives and rewinding of 5 carcasses of motors traction of the locomotives of company EMEF - Company of Maintenance of Railway Equipment.


Installation of DC motor of 130 KW, including the manufacture of laying base in the factory of SLEM - Sociedade Luso Espanhol Metals.


Assembly of 35 IE2 engines in the Coimbra Forum (chilers, pumping stations, etc).


Assembly of 5 groups of centrifugal pumps of 55 KW in the factory of FIT - Fomento da Industria do Tomate, S.A.


Manufacture of 972 coils for use in stators of traction motors other than locomotives, production of 552 reels and 184 equipotencies for application in traction motors of locomotives to EMEF company. - Maintenance of Railway Equipment Maintenance.


Rewinding of the 1830 kva Marelli generator from AMARSUL - Valorization and Treatment of Solid Waste, SA


Manufacture of 556 coils for application in stators and inductors of traction motors other than locomotives and rewinding of 2 stators of traction motors, from EMEF - Company of Maintenance of Railway Equipment.


Rewinder of the 660 KW Leroy-Somer generator from IBERWIND wind farm maintenance company.


Rewinding of the Stamford 1800 KVA generator from LUSOTUFO ENERGIA, a cogeneration company for the production and sale of electric / thermal energy.

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